The adapters package is designed as an add-on for Hugging Face’s Transformers library. It currently supports Python 3.8+ and PyTorch 1.10+. You will have to install PyTorch first.


Each adapters version is built for one specific version of Transformers. While using a different version of Transformers with an adapters might work, it is highly recommended to use the intended version. adapters will automatically install the correct Transformers version if not installed.

Using pip

From PyPI

The simplest way of installation is by using pip to install the package from the Python Package Index:

pip install adapters

From GitHub

You can also install the latest development version directly from our GitHub repository:

pip install git+

From repository

Alternatively, you can clone the repository first and install the package from source. This allows you to run the included example scripts directly:

git clone
cd adapters
pip install .