Contributing to AdapterHub

There are many ways in which you can contribute to AdapterHub and the adapter-transformers library. This includes code contributions such as:

  • implementing new adapter methods

  • adding support for new Transformer

  • fixing open issues

as well as non-code contributions such as:

  • training and uploading adapters to the Hub

  • writing documentation and blog posts

  • helping others with their issues and questions

Whichever way you’d like to contribute, you’re very welcome to do so!

Contributing to the adapter-transformers codebase

To get started with writing code for adapter-transformers, you’d want to set up the project on a local/ development environment. adapter-transformers closely follows the original HuggingFace Transformers repository in many aspects. As they already provide a great guide on setting up the project and the general contribution process, we refer to their contributing guide here. Some additional notes are given below.

adapter-transformers uses the same code quality checks as HuggingFace Transformers. Therefore, make sure to pass all the tests run using

$ make quality

to pass our CI pipeline.

Besides the commands for formatting, style checking and testing mentioned in the HuggingFace contributing guide, you can run all tests specific to adapter-transformers as follows:

$ make test-adapters

This corresponds to the tests run in our CI pipeline.

Below we refer to more detailed explanations of some typical contribution scenarios.

Adding Adapter Methods

How to integrate new efficient fine-tuning/ adapter methods to adapter-transformers is described at

Adding Adapters to a Model

How to add adapter support to a model type already supported by HuggingFace Transformers is described at

Contributing Adapters to the Hub

How to make your own trained adapters accessible via AdapterHub is described at